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Recent Developments in Crash Avoidance Technology

Crash Avoidance Technology (CAT) is becoming commonplace. Uber, Google, and Tesla, not particularly known for their auto manufacturing, are making strides in autonomous vehicle technology, and both IIHS and NHTSA are working CAT features into their testing and evaluations. The … Read More


Wire Grill Cleaning Brushes Can Pose Food Safety Hazard

Wire grill cleaning brushes have commonly been used to clean barbeque grills.  However, recently, more and more instances are arising where wire bristles from grill cleaning brushes have fallen off the brush, unsuspectingly finding their way into peoples’ foods and … Read More


Bankrupt Gas Can Manufacturer An Example of Irresponsible Behavior, Not the Poster Child for Frivolous Lawsuits

Blitz, USA, a gas can manufacturer, recently filed for bankruptcy protection and announced it is closing its doors, citing frivolous lawsuits as the reason.  The company faced product liability lawsuits filed by attorneys representing plaintiffs permanently injured or who have … Read More


Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute Recals for Accelerator Problems

Faced with mounting complaints and multiple deaths involving uncontrolled acceleration of Ford Escapes and Mazda Tributes, Ford and Mazda under mounting pressure recalled more than 500,000 Ford Escapes model years 2001-2004 and Mazda recalled more than 200,000 2001-2008 Tributes, the … Read More

Trucking Safety

New Trucking Laws a Step in Right Direction

Congress passed the Highway Reauthorization bill on July 2nd, which is great news for drivers who share the roadway with heavy trucks (which is to say all of us).  New trucking safety provisions are included in the bill to keep … Read More

Doggie door and pet

Without Awareness, Doggie Doors Still Pose Risk to Children

It may sound surprising, but most people do not put together that a three-year-old child can fit through a doggie door.  But, the fact is, they can.  And when they do, they are exposed to all sorts of dangers outside, … Read More


Side Impact Standards – Will It Save Lives?

Cars are safer than they used to be, no doubt about it. All cars now being manufactured include frontal airbags, and almost all include some type of side airbags.  But, the extent of side impact protection varies greatly, which is … Read More

Jeep Fuel Tanks

Jeep Grand Cherokee Investigation Moves into Next Phase, But Will the Agency Ever Force a Recall to Stop the Death Toll from Rising?

NHTSA recently upgraded its investigation of the potential increased fire risk in certain model year Jeep Grand Cherokees from 1997 to 2004, which was applauded by auto safety advocates across the U.S. after years of pushing for more action in … Read More

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