Promoting product safety through education, awareness and advocacy.

APSA Launches; Will Be Change Agent for Safer Products

A new national organization called The Academy of Product Safety Attorneys (APSA) has launched with its mission being to promote product safety through education, awareness and advocacy. The “Academy” is a coalition of product safety attorneys working to make products safer through a unified voice.

The Academy was formed to leverage its members’ collective expertise in the areas of automotive and consumer product liability, and use both traditional and social media as well as its consumer, government agency and legal ties to spot trends, educate the public and advocate for change where needed.  The group includes safety and consumer advocates who have the ability, through their stellar individual reputations and successful legal track record, to speak as advocates for public safety.

“The founders saw a need for a strong presence in the U.S. to watch for trends occurring with regard to dangerous or defective products, and to help keep the public informed of safety issues” said Academy President Henry “Hank” Didier, Jr.  “Manufacturers have huge resources to help get their products to market the fastest and cheapest way possible.  Consumers need a watchdog to ensure their interests are being protected as well.”

The board of directors is comprised of attorneys from coast to coast and includes: Orlando attorney Henry “Hank” Didier, Jr., Atlanta attorney Leigh May, Philadelphia attorney Jaime Jackson, Kansas City attorneys Brad Kuhlman, J. Kent Emison and Robert Langdon, New York attorney Terrence McCartney and San Diego attorney John Gomez.

“The members of the Academy are some of the best lawyers in the country who have seen terrible tragedies that could have been prevented through better education, awareness and oversight,” continued Hank Didier.  “I am proud to be among these esteemed colleagues doing something exponentially bigger than we could accomplish individually.  Although we are all proud of our work on behalf of consumers, we know that this collaboration will give us the voice needed to save countless lives.”

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Hank Didier

Hank Didier

Henry “Hank” Didier has a long history of representing clients and their families whose lives have been irrevocably changed by a defective product, a rollover accident, a tire failure, or a dangerously operated truck.

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